In the Black

Clusterfukka on Nal Hutta

Our intrepid band of – adventurers, we’ll call them – traveled to Nal Hutta with the intent of meeting up at the Rebel safehouse to offload their cryo-cargo. While entering the system, a familiar ship is noticed by Jontaq Keen, and the Professional suggests the group land away from the craft, due to a less than shining history. The ship is landed and Jontaq stays on board to watch it while Meeko and Deyet head out into the mean streets of the Hutt homeworld to try to find some answers.

Deyet digs around, finding a cantina where he might be able to get some information. Upon questioning people within said cantina, he does get the information desired, but Someone overhears and Meeko catches him tailing them as they leave. Ducking into an alley to try to lose the tail, Meeko and Deyet are ambushed by a couple thugs. A firefight ensues, Jontaq makes record time getting to the pair via rooftop parkour, and the ‘thugs’ are subdued.

Unfortunately, the firefight gathered the attention of the Nal Hutta gang in charge of keeping order, and the attentions of half a city block of passers by. Jontaq, Meeko and Deyet are held for questioning. While searching the unconscious bodies of the ambushing thugs, a modified Imperial insignia of unknown designation falls from a pocket, which sends the Purple Arm Band Gang scuttling away in a hurry, and the throng of passers by too.

Meeko, enraged by the sight of the Imperial marker on a foe so close, flies off the handle and tries to execute the unconscious man in the streets. Deyet miraculously manages to hold off the Jawa’s murder even while being accosted by the ‘Someone’ from the bar, who explains he’s actually a Rebel, and trying to help them. The distraction of stormtroopers showing up gives Meeko an ill-fated opening, and he does indeed murder the Imperial.

With stormtroopers on the scene, Jontaq, Meeko, Deyet, and Jayne Someone Kodo flee. Meeko, still incensed, throws a grenade at a pair of stormtroopers on the rooftop, which sets off a firefight. Through the excellent abilities of the trio, the tailing stormtroopers are slain, and the group makes it to Jayne Kodo’s rebel safehouse without a hitch. …Any more hitches.

Of course, inside is another story. Jayne Kodo expresses his lack of faith in the trio’s ability to even function on a basic level because of their collective stupidity, begins a tirade expelling them from ‘assisting’ in Rebel actions in the future. However, he’s stopped, and who should wander out of a small pre-fab building but Jontaq’s prior acquaintance whom he took such great steps to avoid.


20 xp for all

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